Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rule By Law

It is this system, consistently applied, which protects the governed from those who govern and defends the weak against the strong. It is the shield of the poor against the advantages of wealth and the armor of the average citizen against the aggressions of the powerful. No person is so big that he is above the law, and none so insignificant that he cannot look to it for protection.

It is this system, rule by law, that enables each of us to go about his daily business, enter into agreements with others, establish homes, raise families, and plan for the future, secure in the knowledge that the business and the property which were his this morning will be his tonight, and that the legal rights and duties which governed his decisions today will be unchanged tomorrow. It is this principle, when applied to international affairs, which offers the brightest hope for world peace.

-- Attorney French Fraker (1914-2005), Urbana, IL, May 1, 1960

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