Thursday, March 29, 2012

No More Dead Robots

Cover of the fantasy fiction magazine Avon Science Fiction Reader no. 3 (1952) featuring 'The Robot Empire' by Frank Belknap LongThis relentless law of death, life. Change is the rhythm of the galaxies and the seasons, the rhythm of the seed. It never stops.

If you've become a dead robot with your consciousness hooked into routines, and *more* routines:

Drop Out - Detach yourself from the external social drama which is as dehydrated and ersatz as TV.

Turn On - Find a sacrament which returns you to the temple of God -- your own body. Go out of your mind. Get high.

Tune In - Drop back in to express it. Start a new sequence of behavior that reflects your vision. Be reborn. Become your highest vision of you. Death. Life. Structure. The sequence must continue. You cannot stand still.

-- Timothy Leary (1920-1996), American writer, psychologist, and 1960s counterculture icon, Start Your Own Religion (1967)

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