Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RIP Dan Inouye

Democracy is an imperfect concept slowly seeking perfection.

However, I note that we Americans have been quite impatient with people of other lands who have not embraced our democracy.  In some cases, we have officially condemned these nations in very harsh terms, and, in some, we have even used military force.

The question we Americans have debated over the decades is simple but profound: "Should we impose our will upon other lands?  Or should we adopt a more peaceful path in convincing others of the goodness of our system and philosophy?" I suppose this matter will be debated for as long as we exist.

-- Daniel Ken Inouye (7 September 1924-17 December 2012), Hawaii's first Representative and 6-term Senator, in office since statehood, Medal of Honor awardee; Commencement Address, American University, 8 May 2005

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