Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Privacy Seppuku - Do You Trust Them Now?

The Privacy Seppuku pledge is simple: if a company is served with a secret order to become a real-time participant in ongoing, blanket, secret surveillance of its customers... it will say no.  Just say no.  And it will shut down its operations, rather than have them infiltrated by spies and used surreptitiously to spread the NSA's global spook malware further.  You can't force a company to do something if there's no company there to do it.

... That one that went thru with the seppuku?  She'll likely have a new service up and running in a few days or weeks.  The customers who got dinged by the shutdown?  They'll all get up and running on her new service. This is all 1s and 0s, remember?  You don't have to demolish a car manufacturing plant, after all - you're just wiping some VMs and reincorporating elsewhere.  Lease new machines.  Call it "lavabutt" on the new corporate docs, in Andorra.  Sign on to the Privacy Seppuku pledge, as lavabutt, again.  Off you go.  Do you think it'll be hard to get customers - old ones migrated over, and new ones alike?  Think on that: a privacy company that shut down rather than be #snitchware... do you trust them, now?

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