Wednesday, February 07, 2018

RIP John Perry Barlow

Imagine discovering a continent so vast that it may have no end to its dimensions.  Imagine a new world with more resources than all our future greed might exhaust, more opportunities than there will ever be entrepreneurs enough to exploit, and a peculiar kind of real estate that expands with development.  Imagine a place where trespassers leave no footprints, where goods can be stolen infinite number of times and yet remain in the possession of their original owners, where business you never heard of can own the history of your personal affairs ....

-- John Perry Barlow (3 October 1947 - 7 February 2018), American writer and internet activist, who co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as quoted in Who Controls the Internet? : Illusions of a Borderless World (2006) by Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu

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