Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The Enemy Of Free Speech

What happens when the Second Amendment meets the First Amendment?  

The First Amendment loses. 

Here we have the full flowering of the First Amendment -- free speech about matters of public urgency -- marching headlong the unbridled expansion of the Second Amendment -- citizens openly brandishing loaded rifles, often semiautomatic ones, in public places. 

These two cherished American principles do not meet on equal footing, because a gun is the opposite of speech.  A loaded weapon discourages speech, intimidates, and demands compliance.  Even someone who intends no harm with a gun -- and I believe that these counterprotesters intend no harm -- is quashing the free speech of those around them, because it is impossible to speak openly when someone who hates your opinion is holding a loaded gun near you and telling you to shut up and leave. 

It's right-wing cancel culture. 

-- David Plotz (1970 -), American journalist, Guns are the enemy of free speech, Insider Today, 28 August 2020

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