Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017 Mindset List, Faculty Edition

The Mind-Set List, Faculty Edition

Robert Scherrer provides a guide to the college years of a typical 50-something professor, 22 August 2017

* Roommates shared a single phone provided with their room.  It was connected by a cable to an outlet in the wall.  The phone couldn’t talk.

* A student who was not in their room was impossible to reach on the phone.

* Those who couldn’t afford to phone home could write letters, a precursor to email.  These were hand delivered and took two to four days to arrive.

* Students wrote papers on a mechanical word processor called a typewriter.  At the end of every line, a bell would ring, signaling the student to slap the carriage holding the paper until it returned to the beginning of the line.

* Cutting and pasting required actual cutting and real paste.

* A textbook cost less than a calculator.

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