Thursday, September 05, 2019

La Vuelta Helicopter Finds Grow Op

We received information thanks to the images that individuals posted on social media that had been taken from the helicopter of La Vuelta.  That has helped us to seize 40 marijuana plants.  No one has been arrested, but the investigation is still ongoing to find those responsible.

-- A police spokesperson speaking to ESPN, per an article at, 4 September 2019

The Deadspin article continues:

Catalan cops seized over 40 cannabis plants from a rooftop near Barcelona yesterday thanks to information from an unexpected source: a TV helicopter broadcasting this month's Vuelta a EspaƱa.  Stage 8 of the race finished in the town of Igualada on Saturday, and as the race made its way through the city streets at the end of the stage, helicopter footage showed a whole bunch of (presumably) dank weed on someone's rooftop.

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