Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Reminders Of My Past

I've used a number of apps on PDAs from Palm and eventually smartphones from Palm and various companies.  I've always copied my calendar data from device to device.

Long ago, one of those calendar apps provided event templates.  They were short snippets of frequent but irregular reminders, such as stopping by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

As it turns out, that app stored its templates by assigning the event a date of 1 January 2020.  Today, I've been reminded (and reminded) of a number of events that used to be routine.

These blasts from the past included running to the bank, swimming laps at the YMCA, and driving my daughter from Parkland College to her job at the Mall.  And having lunch with my Dad ... who passed away in 2013.  It was a curious and emotional way to enter 2020, with many reminders of my past.


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