Monday, March 23, 2020

Didn't Fit The Criteria

The nature of Covid-19 put me -- and us all -- in a Catch-22 situation.  I didn't fit the criteria for testing or quarantine.  I had no symptoms and no specific encounter with a Covid-19 positive person.

For those who want to criticize me for lack of quarantine, realize that if the rules on testing had been followed to a tee, I would never have been tested and would still be walking around the halls of the Capitol.  The current guidelines would not have called for me to get tested nor quarantined.  It was my extra precaution, out of concern for my damaged lung, that led me to get tested.

-- Senator Randal Howard Paul (R-KY) (7 January 1963 -), American politician and physician serving as the junior US Senator from Kentucky since 2011, as quoted in the New York Times (23 March 2020) responding to criticism that he actively worked at the Capitol for 5 days while awaiting a positive covid-19 test result, exemplifying the dangers inherent in current limited testing criteria

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