Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A Scary Recipe

They came up, I think this was maybe their second or third time that they had come up on January 6th.  And even then, as belligerent as they were, it didn't account to this violence.  So the only difference that I see in that is that they had marching orders so to say.  When people feel emboldened by people in power, they assume that they're right.  One of the scariest things about January 6th is that the people that were there, even to this day think that they were right.  They think that they were right and that makes for a scary recipe for the future of this country.  So I think that's why it's very important that you all take this committee seriously and get to the bottom of why this happened and let's make it never happen again.

-- US Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, 13-year veteran of the United States Capitol Police and a member of its first responder unit, in testimony to the January 6 House Select Committee, 27 July 2021

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