Thursday, July 29, 2021

My Retirement Program

Millennials are the first generation of US Americans to have life prospects worse than their parents.  The astronomical student debt load means that many young people put off the major purchases and life events linked to adulthood in the US -- buying a car or a house, getting married.  At the same time, in highly populated cities like San Francisco, LA, Seattle, and NYC, rents are out of control.  And we don't have national healthcare.  So paying for the basics of everyday life has become impossible.  And we are told repeatedly that social security is in crisis and won't survive.  As one young person told me: "My retirement program is socialism".

-- Jodi Dean (1962 -), American political theorist and professor in the Political Science department at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York state, "More than a third of millennials approve of communism, YouGov poll indicates", The Independent, 7 November 2019

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