Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Post-Summation Instructions

Members of the jury, I will now instruct you on the law. I will first review the general principles of law that apply to this case and all criminal cases. 

You have heard me explain some of those principles at the beginning of the trial. I am sure you can appreciate the benefits of repeating those instructions at this stage of the proceedings. 

Next, I will define the crimes charged in this case, explain the law that applies to those definitions, and spell out the elements of each charged crime. 

Finally, I will outline the process of jury deliberations. 

These instructions will take at least an hour, and you will not receive copies of them. You may however, request that I read them back to you in whole or in part as many times as you wish, and I will be happy to do so.

-- Judge Juan Merchan, Final Jury Instructions and Charges in the case of People v. Donald J Trump, presented to the jury 29 May 2024

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