Tuesday, June 18, 2024

RIP Willie Mays

Gee, I've been asked hundreds of questions about that catch in the first game of the World Series.  The one that Vic Wertz hit for Cleveland.  Was it my best catch?  How did I play it?  Honestly, I don't rate 'em -- I just try to catch 'em.  When he hit the ball, I just started toward the place it was heading.  And I got there.

-- Willie Mays (6 May 1931 - 18 June 2024), Major League Baseball player for 22 seasons, starting his career with the Giants in New York, remaining with the team during their relocation to San Francisco, and then ending his career with the New York Mets, In "Willie 'Just Knows' His Job" by Mays, in The Daily Mail (25 March 1955) p. 16

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