Monday, January 05, 2015

2014 Workout Summary

I previously mentioned in here that I use, an on-line site that tracks my workouts (walking, running, and cycling tracked with GPS, swimming, tae kwon do, and some other activities tracked manually).

My workout summary for the year 2014:
Workouts    : 666
Duration    : 478:24:56
Miles       : 1268.73
Calories    : 241,873
The high number of workouts (and a significant portion of the duration) result from 342 walks.

I got these numbers by summing the 12 monthly totals for 2014. Interestingly, I was prompted to write this trvth on the basis of an "annual summary email" they sent me -- and that email summary significantly overstates all of these values, so I added them up instead of using what they sent me.

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