Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Bday 2015

"appleman"  (author)                   group:  mankind
                                      lesson:  life
                                        unit:  add1
Created 05/05/59
Last on 05/05/15 at 23:23, station 0-20
Total hours =  490896.0
Signon password:  XXXXXXXXXX

     Choose an option:

       1  change PASSWORD
       2  change spelling of NAME
       3  choose allowable author OPTIONS
       4  leave a MESSAGE
       5  SPECIAL options and statistics
       6  see or change text editor options
       7  change activiation or expiration date

     Press SHIFT-HELP to delete or turn off
     Press SHIFT-NEXT for next signon
           SHIFT-BACK for previous

I don't expect this to make much sense to very many people. If you do recognize this relic, then welcome, brother or sister.

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