Friday, April 10, 2020


The failures of the White House, of the president, have visited greater illness and greater number of deaths across the country.  Republicans and Democrats all acknowledge that the federal government has fallen down on the job.

I mean, for me to go out and compete against California, New York, and countries outside of the United States to get the lifesaving equipment that we need -- and, oh, by the way, I'm also competing against FEMA and the federal government -- it's outrageous.  It's outrageous.

We've had to just finally say, "Well then, we're not going to rely upon any promises that are made, and we're just going to act as if we're an independent nation here," which isn't the way this ought to work.

-- Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker on Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton, as quoted in Vanity Fair, 10 April 2020

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