Friday, January 22, 2021

RIP Henry Aaron

The way I see it, it's a great thing to be the man who hit the most home runs, but it's a greater thing to be the man who did the most with the home runs he hit.  So as long as there's a chance that maybe I can hammer out a little justice now and then, or a little opportunity here and there, I intend to do as I always have -- keep swinging.

-- Henry Louis "Hank" Aaron (5 February 1934 - 22 January 2021), American Major League Baseball (MLB) right fielder for 21 seasons for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves in the National League (NL) and two seasons for the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League (AL), from 1954 through 1976.  At Atlanta's Fulton-County Stadium on Monday 8 April 1974, Aaron hit his 715th career home run, putting him in first place on the all-time list ahead of Babe Ruth.  He held the MLB record for career home runs for 33 years, and still held several MLB offensive records at the time of his death.  He hit 24 or more home runs every year from 1955 through 1973, and was one of only two players to hit 30 or more home runs in a season at least fifteen times, I Had a Hammer : The Hank Aaron Story (1990), Ch. 1

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