Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Please Wear A Mask Redux

Here's the trvth I posted on 24 November (just 7 weeks ago today), updated with new numbers.  Parenthetical old numbers remain for (frightening) comparison.  It's hard to believe this isn't the top news story, until one considers the actual top news story.

In the last week (604,800 seconds), through this morning at midnight, the United States saw 1,762,903 (1,221,179) new covid cases.  For a little perspective, that's 2.91 (2.02) positive cases *per second* for a week.

Over the same period, there was a covid death in the United States every 27.55 (55.90) seconds.

Last Friday 8 January (20 November), there were 303,022 (204,580) new cases and 3893 (1968) new deaths.  That works out to 3.5 (2.4) new cases per second over a 24-hour period, with a death every 22 (44) seconds.

I see the weekly death rate has doubled (10,833 to 21,950 deaths), while the new-case rate has increased only ~50% (1,221,179 to 1,762,903 cases).  That doesn't sound good either.

Please wear a mask around others.

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