Wednesday, January 11, 2023

RIP Jeff Beck

I'm an experimenter.  It's rich because every album I've done, except for a couple of techno-y records, are different.  Really you've got to hand it to the Fender Strat, because there are songs in [that guitar].  It's a tool of great inspiration and torture at the same time because it's forever sitting there challenging you to find something else in it, but it is there if you really search.

It does respond to touch and the tonal variation is unlimited really, especially with the whammy bar.  I have it set up so it becomes almost like a pedal steel.

My Strat is another arm, it's part of me.  It doesn't feel like a guitar at all.  It's an implement which is my voice.  A Les Paul feels like a guitar and I play differently on that and I sound too much like someone else.  With the Strat, instantly it becomes mine so that's why I've welded myself to that.  Or it's welded itself to me, one or the other.

-- Geoffrey Arnold (Jeff) Beck (24 June 1944 - 10 January 2023), English rock guitarist, in an interview with Total Guitar magazine (2016)

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