Monday, April 21, 2014

An Easter To Remember

We managed to get the whole family together for Easter this year.  Gathered in Carlyle, IL were myself and my ex-wife, all five kids, all six grandkids, and 2 of 4 sons-in-law, for fifteen at dinner.

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Don Appleman said...

At left, seated, is daughter #2 Sheena, with her daughters Saiya and Talyn; next from left come daughter #3 Heather and her boyfriend Kirt, with their dogs; then Brittany's husband Calvin holding their son Eliot, and daughter #4 Brittany; next to her in the back are Melody then daughter #5 Alyssa and myself; and the family unit in front on the right consists of daughter #1 Tia, holding her daughter AnaLeigh with her older son JJ (Joe Jr) and younger son Danny.