Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Smashing Things

Other people say that their parents are the same way whenever there's bad news from whatever patch of dirt they came from, but being common still doesn't mean it makes any sense.  After all, it was twenty years ago, and if the adults were going to get so upset about having everything smashed up, they shouldn't have had a war or tolerated AIDS for so long that they gave it the chance to turn into mutAIDS, or allowed the climate disequilibration to get so far out of hand.  Honestly, they remind me of the three-year-olds in the nursery, smashing things to bits and then crying because they're broken.  I certainly hope I'm not that kind of a moron when I'm that old.

-- John Barnes (1957 -), American science fiction author, in his Nebula Award-nominated Orbital Resonance (1991), Chapter 2 (pp. 22-23)

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